1. Nail Trimming
    $10 For both Cat & Dog
  2. Face & Feet Trimming
    If you receive the full grooming with a bath it is $5 extra. for face & feet ONLY $15
  3. Anal Gland Expression
    If you receive a full grooming with a bath it is $5 extra. If you just need the glands expressed it is $10. *Please be sure your dogs needs this service and that you have tried alternative methods before having this service. Inquire for new ideas.
  4. Teeth Brushing
  5. Ear Cleaning
  6. Full Grooming Services
    Full Grooming Prices are breed specific. This includes: Bath, Nails, Blow dry & Brush out I use top of the line Shampoo, Conditioner & De-tanglers Cuts are $10 Extra Trimming is $5 extra Example: Shihtzu full grooming $25, Shihtzu full grooming with Trim $30, Shihtzu full grooming with cut $35