What is Static?
Welcome to Static Pet Grooming!
Why call it Static? The name Static reffers to the Energy we share with our pets. The force that bounces between us. We cannot see it, but it is there and it has more  influence than you may believe.
 My Grooming studio is all about your pet and their needs.
I have been working with animals all my life. Dogs, horses, cows, small animals, and cats. I have made it my lifes work to study and understand animal behavior and how psycology plays a part in this behavior. I work with all types of dogs and cats with all types of behaviors ranging from Red Zone aggressive to Calm Submissive.
It is my goal to aid every dog owner in the understanding
of their pets behavior and give them the tools needed to correct the unwanted behaviors your pet may be expressing.
It is very important to have this understanding so you and your Buddy can live harmoniously and relaxed.
I very much look forward to meeting you and your
Best Buddies.